3/4 Time Columbia
35 Saint Servant Tangerine
5/4 Blues Tangerine
A Bit of Soul Atlantic
A Ding A Ling Thing Tangerine
A Fool For You Atlantic
A House Divided Tangerine
A Little Bit of Heaven Columbia
A Lover's Blues Tangerine
A Matter Of Opinion Tangerine
A New Blues Tangerine
A Part Of Me Tangerine
A Peace That We Never Before Could Enjoy Tangerine
A Shaver's Delight Tangerine
A Song for You Warner Bros.
A Sweet Young Thing Like You Tangerine
A Tear Fell ABC
A Thing Called Love Tangerine
A Thousand Legged Worm Tangerine
A Woman Of Stature Tangerine
Ain't It The Truth (Now Children) Tangerine
Ain’t That Love? Atlantic
Ain’t Your Memory Got No Pride At All Columbia
All Alone Tangerine
All Alone And Blue Tangerine
All I Ever Need Is You Tangerine
All I Want For Christmas Tangerine
All My Life Tangerine
All That Glitters Ain't Gold Tangerine
All The Love I Know Tangerine
All To Myself SwingTime
Am I Blue Atlantic
America Tangerine
America the Beautiful Crossover/Atlantic
And So Do You Tangerine
And Then We Make Love Tangerine
Angel City Tangerine
Anonymous Love Crossover/Atlantic
Anything You Wasn't Born with (You Can Live Without) Tangerine
Are You With Me Tangerine
Astrological Soul Train Tangerine
At The Club Tangerine
Baby Get It Ready Tangerine
Baby Grand (Billy Joel with Ray Charles) Columbia
Baby I'm So Sorry Tangerine
Baby Let Me Hear You Call My Name SwingTime
Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand SwingTime
Baby Please Tangerine
Baby Tell Me What I Have Done Tangerine
Baby Tell Me What You Want Me To Do Tangerine
Baby Won’t You Please Come Home SwingTime
Baby You're Right Tangerine
Baby, Don't You Weep, Tangerine
Baby, Don’t You Cry ABC
Baby, It’s Cold Outside ABC
Baffled Tangerine
Bayou Town Tangerine
Be My Bird Tangerine
Be Ready To Lay It On Me Tangerine
Be Yourself Tangerine
Beautiful Day Tangerine
Beers To You Warner Bros.
Being Young Tangerine
Better Go Slow Tangerine
Beyond The Rose Colored Glasses Tangerine
Big Man On Mulberry Street Columbia
Blackjack Atlantic
Blues Out Yonder Tangerine
Boiler Maker Jim Tangerine
Boody Butt Tangerine
Booty Butt ABC
Born To Lose ABC
Born to Love Me Columbia
Brasilia Tangerine
Busted ABC
But On The Other Hand, Baby ABC
But, On The Other Hand Baby Tangerine
Butterfly Tangerine
California Breeze Tangerine
Can You Love Me Like That Tangerine
Can't Nobody Do Tangerine
Careless Love Tangerine
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny ABC
Carrying That Load Atlantic
Castle Of Love Tangerine
Caught Up In The Hustle Tangerine
Check It Out Tangerine
Child Support And Alimony Tangerine
Chitlins With Candied Yams Tangerine
Chris Tangerine
Christmas Embers Tangerine
Christmas In My Heart Tangerine
Christmas Time Crossover/Atlantic
Christmas Time Tangerine
Christmas Time — Edward Cole Tangerine
City Lights Tangerine
Claudie Mae ABC
Com'on Dance With Me Baby Tangerine
Come And Get It Tangerine
Come Back To Me Tangerine
Come Back, Baby Atlantic
Come Back, My Love Tangerine
Come Live With Me Crossover/Atlantic
Come On Back To Me Tangerine
Come Rain Or Come Shine Atlantic
Commercials Tangerine
Compared To What Crossover/Atlantic
Cookin' In Style Tangerine
Cotton-Eyed Clint (with Clint Eastwood) Warner Bros.
Crazy Old Soldier (with Johnny Cash) Columbia
Cry' in Like A Baby Tangerine
Crying Time ABC
Crying Time Tangerine
Darling, Please Take Me Back Tangerine
Dear Mrs. Blue Tangerine
Did I Do It Right For You The First Time? Tangerine
Dinnertime Tangerine
Dixie Moon Columbia
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Columbia
Do The Do Tangerine
Do The People Tangerine
Do The Walk Tangerine
Do What You Can Tangerine
Do You Luv Me? Tangerine
Do You Wanna Make Love With Me? Tangerine
Do You Want My Lov'in Tangerine
Don't Be Afraid Tangerine
Don't Change On Me Tangerine
Don't Give Away My Ya Ya Tangerine
Don't Give Away What’s Mine Tangerine
Don't Keep Fooling Around Tangerine
Don't Love Me At All Tangerine
Don't Play With My Heart Tangerine
Don't Send Me Flowers When I Am In The graveyard Tangerine
Don't Start Lying To Me Tangerine
Don't Use The Children Tangerine
Don't Want To Lose Your Love Tangerine
Don't You Feel It Too Tangerine
Don't You Moan (Inst.) Tangerine
Don't You Moan (Vocal) Tangerine
Don’t Change On Me ABC
Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying Atlantic
Don’t Set Me Free ABC
Don’t You Know Atlantic
Doodlin’ (Part 1) Atlantic
Doodlin’ (Part 2) Atlantic
Double Life Tangerine
Drown In My Own Tears Atlantic
Early In The Morning Atlantic
Earthquake Tangerine
Eleanor Rigby ABC
Every Once In A While Tangerine
Every Saturday Night ABC
Every Saturday Night Tangerine
Everybody Sing Tangerine
Everybody's Waiting On Something Tangerine
Everyone Does Their Thing Their Own Sweet Way Tangerine
Everything Shining Ain't Gold Tangerine
Everything's Good, Ain't Nothing Bad Tangerine
Fast Moving Woman Tangerine
Fatback And Greens Tangerine
Feel So Bad ABC
Feelin Tangerine
Feelin’ Sad Atlantic
Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Tangerine
Finger Lickin Good Tangerine
Flame On The Desert Tangerine
Fool Poor Fool Tangerine
For Heaven's Sake Tangerine
For Wes Tangerine
Frantic Fiesta (Cha-Cha-Cha) Tangerine
Friendship Tangerine
Frog Eyes Tangerine
From Out Of Nowhere Tangerine
From The Heart Tangerine
Funky Soul Tangerine
Funny Feeling Tangerine
Funny, But I Still Love You Atlantic
Game Number Nine Crossover/Atlantic
Game Number Nine Tangerine
Georgia On My Mind ABC
Get On The Right Track, Baby Atlantic
Get Out, Stay Out Tangerine
Get To Helping Or Get To Stepping Tangerine
Gettin It Tangerine
Give It Up Tangerine
Give Me Time To Explain Tangerine
Give Up Tangerine
Glad You're Gone Tangerine
Go On Home ABC
God Has Done It Again Tangerine
Going To Let You Go Tangerine
Golden Tear Tangerine
Good Lov'in Tangerine
Gotta Clean Out My Soul Tangerine
Gotta Get A Messge To Ya Tangerine
Gotta Have More Tangerine
Granny Wasn't Grinning That Day Tangerine
Greasy Greens Tangerine
Greenbacks Atlantic
Guitar Blues SwingTime
Ha-Ha In The Day Time And Boo-Hoo All Night Long Tangerine
Hallelujah I Love Her So Atlantic
Hands Tangerine
Happy Soul Tangerine
Hard Hearted Hannah ABC
Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) Atlantic
Harmony Tangerine
Have Faith Tangerine
Have No Fear Tangerine
Hayes Everybody Tangerine
He Knows Tangerine
He Was Your Boy But He's My Man Tangerine
Heartbreaker Atlantic
Heartbreaker Atlantic
Heavenly Music Tangerine
Help Yourself Tangerine
Here I Go Again Tangerine
Here I Go Again Tangerine
Here We Go Again ABC
Here's A Rose Tangerine
Hey Girl (You're A Player) Tangerine
Hey Mister Tangerine
Hey Now SwingTime
Hide Nor Hair Tangerine
Hit The Road Jack Tangerine
Honey Bee Tangerine
Honey Tell Me Tangerine
Hopelessly Tangerine
Hopelessly ABC
House Party Tangerine
How Did Ya Feel The Morning After Tangerine
Hurt Tangerine
I Ain't Got Nothing Yet (Them That Got) Tangerine
I Believe (You Put Me Down) Tangerine
I Believe To My Soul Atlantic
I Can Make It Thru The Day (But Oh Those Lonely Nights) Tangerine
I Can See Clearly Now Crossover/Atlantic
I Can't Get Enough Tangerine
I Can't Get No Lovin Nowhere Tangerine
I Can't Stop Loving You Baby Tangerine
I Can’t Stop Loving You ABC
I Can’t Stop Loving You, Baby ABC
I Chose to Sing the Blues ABC
I Could Learn To Live Without You Tangerine
I Could Make You Change Your Mind Tangerine
I Cry As Children Do Tangerine
I Didn't Want To Be Tangerine
I Didn't Want To Fall In Love Tangerine
I Didn’t Know What Time it Was ABC
I Do, I Do Tangerine
I Don't Need No Man Tangerine
I Don't Want It Tangerine
I Don’t Want No Strangers Sleepin’ In My Bed Columbia
I Feel Alright Tangerine
I Found Me Tangerine
I Gave My Love To Mary Tangerine
I Got To Get You Back Tangerine
I Had A Dream Tangerine
I Had To Ride With The Times Tangerine
I Just Can't Forget Tangerine
I Just Want To Talk About You Tangerine
I Know You Want Me Tangerine
I Know You're Going To Miss Me Tangerine
I Love You More Than I Ever Have Tangerine
I Made It Through Tangerine
I Need A Good Woman Bad Tangerine
I Need Cash Money Tangerine
I Need Your Love Tangerine
I Quit, You Win Tangerine
I Reached For A Tear Tangerine
I Started Missing You Tangerine
I Told You So Tangerine
I Wake Up Crying ABC
I Wanna Lay My Troubles Down Tangerine
I Want A Little Girl Atlantic
I Want A Woman Tangerine
I Want To Know Atlantic
I Want To Talk About You ABC
I Want To Thank You Tangerine
I Was On Georgia Time Tangerine
I Will Not Let You Go Tangerine
I Will Take Good Care Of You Tangerine
I Wish I Had Stayed At Home Tangerine
I Wish You Were Here Tonight Tangerine
I Wish You Were Here Tonight (RAY CHARLES) Tangerine
I Wish You Were Here Tonight (S. EASTON) Tangerine
I Won't Leave Tangerine
I Won't Miss You Tangerine
I Wonder ABC
I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now SwingTime
I'll Be Here Tangerine
I'll Be Your Servant Tangerine
I'll Come Running Tangerine
I'll Die Loving You Tangerine
I'll Do What You Want Me To Tangerine
I'll Give You Love Tangerine
I'll Never Forget You Tangerine
I'll Overcome Tangerine
I'll Survive Tangerine
I'm A Believer Tangerine
I'm A Ready Made Man For You Tangerine
I'm Gonna Cut You Loose Tangerine
I'm In Love With An Angel Tangerine
I'm In The Graveyard Tangerine
I'm Not Ashamed Of It Tangerine
I'm Not Crying Tangerine
I'm Ready Tangerine
I'm So Confused Tangerine
I'm So Happy Tangerine
I'm Steppin Out Tangerine
I'm Your Lover Man Tangerine
I've Got A Girl. I Got A Girl Tangerine
I've Got To Make It Tangerine
I’ll Be Good To You (Pt 1) — with Quincy Jones & Chaka Kahn Qwest
I’ll Be Good To You (Pt 2) — with Quincy Jones & Chaka Kahn Qwest
I’ll Be Your Servant ABC
I’ll Do Anything But Work DownBeat
I’m A Fool to Care ABC
I’m Glad For Your Sake SwingTime
I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town Impulse
I’m Movin’ On Atlantic
I’m Satisfied ABC
I’ve Got a Woman Atlantic
I’ve Got a Woman (Part 1) LIVE ABC
I’ve Got A Woman (Part 2) LIVE ABC
I’ve Got News For You Impulse
If I Were A Bell Tangerine
If It Rains Tomorrow Tangerine
If It Wasn't For Bad Luck Tangerine
If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck ABC
If you Live Tangerine
If You Were Mine ABC
If You Were Mine Tangerine
If You Wouldn't Be My Lady Tangerine
In A Little Spanish Town Atlantic
In The Heat Of The Night ABC
Inspiration Tangerine
Is It Yes Or No Or Maybe So Tangerine
Isn't It Wonderful (Being Here Together) Tangerine
It Ain’t Gonna Worry My Mind (with Mickey Gilley) Columbia
It Has To Be Somehow Tangerine
It Should’ve Been Me Atlantic
It Takes So Little Time Tangerine
It's A Man's World Tangerine
It's Been A Long Long Time Tangerine
It's Mighty Hard To Go Tangerine
It's More Than Likely Tangerine
It's No Mistake Tangerine
It's Time To Make A Change Tangerine
It's True Tangerine
It’s All Right Atlantic
Jilly's Honey Tangerine
Jodine Tangerine
Jodine's Walk Tangerine
Joel's Place Tangerine
Josephine Tangerine
Julie Tangerine
Jumpin’ In The Mornin’ Atlantic
Jus' Nasty Tangerine
Just A Little Lov'in Tangerine
Just Be Happy Please Tangerine
Just Because Crossover/Atlantic
Just Can't Get Enough Of You Tangerine
Just For A Thrill Atlantic
Just Got To Keep On Try'in Tangerine
Just Might Slip Away (I Need To Feel You) Tangerine
Keep A Light Burning In The Window Tangerine
Keep On Tangerine
Keep On Keeping On Tangerine
Keep What You Got Tangerine
Kissa Me Baby (All Night Long) SwingTime
Late In The Evening Tangerine
Laughin’ And Clownin’ ABC
Leave Me A-Lone Tangerine
Leave My Woman Alone Atlantic
Leaving Me Behind Tangerine
Let It Go Tangerine
Let Me Dry Your Tears Tangerine
Let Me Know Tangerine
Let Me Love You ABC
Let Me Love You Tangerine
Let Me Make Love To You Tangerine
Let No One Hold You Tangerine
Let The Good Times Roll Atlantic
Let This Love Last Forever Tangerine
Let Your Love Shine Down Tangerine
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off Tangerine
Let's Get Married Before It's Too Late Tangerine
Let's Go Tangerine
Let's Go Round Tangerine
Let's Go To The Circus Tangerine
Let's Make A Deal Tangerine
Let's Part But Let Me Be Your Friend Tangerine
Let’s Go Get Stoned ABC
Letter From A Soldier Tangerine
Lift Every Voice And Sing Tangerine
Light out of Darkness Tangerine
Listen, They’re Playing My Song ABC
Little Blue Waltz Tangerine
Little Hotel Room (with Merle Haggard) Columbia
Living For The City Crossover/Atlantic
Lonely Avenue Atlantic
Lonely Blues Tangerine
Lonely Boy SwingTime
Long As You're Mine Tangerine
Look Through The Magic Window Tangerine
Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma ABC
Looking For A Love Tangerine
Losing Hand Atlantic
Louise Crossover/Atlantic
Love Tangerine
Love Devine Tangerine
Love Is A Matter Of Life And Death Tangerine
Love Is A Sweet Taste (In My Mind) Tangerine
Love Is Something You Do Tangerine
Love Is What We Need Tangerine
Love Is Worth It Tangerine
Love Me Or Set Me Free Crossover/Atlantic
Love Me Or Set Me Free Tangerine
Love-Sick Spell Tangerine
Love’s Gonna Live Here ABC
Lovin Tangerine
Loving You Tangerine
Lucky In Love Tangerine
Magnificent Is The Word Tangerine
Make Your's A Happy Life Tangerine
Makin’ Whoopee (piano) – LIVE ABC
Makin’ Whoopee (vocal) – LIVE ABC
Making Believe ABC
Marching Time Tangerine
Mary Ann Atlantic
Maybe It's Because Of Love Tangerine
Maybe It's Nothing At All Tangerine
Mess Around Atlantic
Mexicali Brass Tangerine
Misery In My Heart SwingTime
Misfortune's Children Tangerine
Miss Tall And Slender Tangerine
Mister C Tangerine
Moments - Tangerine Music Tangerine
Mother - Racer Music Tangerine
Mr. Creole Tangerine
Mr. Fit-It - Racer Music Tangerine
Multi-Colored Romeo Tangerine
My Baby (I Love Her So) Tangerine
My Baby (I Love Her Yes I Do) ABC
My Baby Don't Dig Me Tangerine
My Baby Don’t Dig Me ABC
My Bonnie Atlantic
My Bottle Is My Companion Tangerine
My Daddy Is My Everything Tangerine
My Dream Girl Tangerine
My Friend Tangerine
My Heart Cries For You ABC
My Jug And I (Got Up This Morning) Tangerine
My Kind Of Baby Tangerine
My Love Tangerine
My Love For You Tangerine
My Neighbor Tangerine
Need Your Lovin Tangerine
Never Fear, I'll Be Here Tangerine
Never Had Enough of Nothing Yet ABC
Never Know When A Woman Tangerine
Never Know When a Woman Gonna Change Her Mind Tangerine
Never Let Me Go Tangerine
Never Say Naw Tangerine
Never Take Your Lov'in From Me Tangerine
New Olearns Tangerine
Night Time Is The Right Time Atlantic
No Achievement Showing Tangerine
No Escape (From Love) Tangerine
No Letter Today ABC
No More Chances Tangerine
No One ABC
No One To Cry To ABC
No Use Crying Tangerine
None Will Ever Love You Like I Do Tangerine
Nothing Is Important To You, But You Tangerine
Now I Don't Believe That Anymore Tangerine
Now That He's Mine Tangerine
Now That We've Found Each Other Tangerine
Oh Bess, Where’s My Bess (with Cleo Laine) RCA
Oh, Lawd, I’m On My Way RCA
Ol’ Man River ABC
Old Age Tangerine
Oldie But Goodie Tangerine
On A Night Like Tonight Tangerine
Once In A Lifetime Tangerine
One Mint Julep Impulse
Our Love Is Real Tangerine
Our Suite Tangerine
Party Pak Tangerine
Pas-Se-O-Ne Blues Tangerine
Pay The Price Tangerine
Peace of Mind Tangerine
People Act Funny Tangerine
Perfect Match Together Tangerine
Plastic Kiss Tangerine
Please Believe In Me Tangerine
Please Forgive And Forget Tangerine
Please Let Me Know Tangerine
Please Now Baby Tangerine
Pool Hall Willie Tangerine
Power Of Surrender Tangerine
Pretty Eyed Baby Tangerine
Pretty Thang Tangerine
Princess Tangerine
Psy-Cho-An-A-Lyzing Tangerine
Put It On Mellow Tangerine
Questions & Answers Tangerine
Rawk Tangerine
Ray Reflects On America Tangerine
Ray's Phrase Tangerine
Ray's Segue Tangerine
Ray’s Blues (I Wonder Who) Atlantic
Reaching For Someone To Hold Tangerine
Really Got A Hold On Me Tangerine
Red Light Tangerine
Revenge Blues Tangerine
Riding Thumb Crossover/Atlantic
Right Or Wrong Tangerine
Ring of Fire ABC
Rock And Roll Shoes (with B.J. Thomas) Columbia
Rock With Me Baby Tangerine
Rockhouse (Part 1) Atlantic
Rockhouse (Part 2) Atlantic
Roll With My Baby Atlantic
Room To Hang My Chains Tangerine
Round Trip Ticket To The Moon Tangerine
Ruby ABC
San Antone Tangerine
Save Your Lov'in Just For Me Tangerine
Save Your Love For Me Tangerine
Say That You Love Me Tangerine
Scaggs Tangerine
Scorpio Tangerine
Seven Spanish Angels (with Willie Nelson) Columbia
Share My Dreams With Me Tangerine
She's A Stone Fox Tangerine
Sheila Tangerine
Shop Right At Shores's Tangerine
Show Me The Way Tangerine
Sidewinder ABC
Since You Been Gone Tangerine
Sing Me A Love Song Tangerine
Sing My Song For You Tangerine
Sinner’s Prayer Atlantic
Sit And Relax Tangerine
Slip Away Columbia
Smack Dab In The Middle ABC
So Wrong Tangerine
Some Call It Love ( I Call it Pain ) Tangerine
Some Day Tangerine
Some Enchanted Evening Crossover/Atlantic
Somebody Tangerine
Somebody Ought to Write a Book About It ABC
Someday DownBeat
Somehow I Make It Through The Days Tangerine
Someone to Watch Over Me ABC
Something Inside Me Tangerine
Something Special Tangerine
Something's Got To Change Tangerine
Something's Wrong Tangerine
Something’s Got to Change ABC
Southern Lady Tangerine
Stand By Tangerine
Stay In School Tangerine
Steel Bars Tangerine
Sticks And Stones ABC
Sticks And Stones — "World o/s United States." Tangerine
Sticky Fingers Tangerine
Stolen Love Tangerine
Stop - Look - Listen Tangerine
Stop! You're Hurting My Heart Tangerine
Strange Lovin' Woman Tangerine
Strange Things Tangerine
Stranger In My Own Home Town Tangerine
String Bean Columbia
Strong Love Affair Tangerine
Strong, Everlasting Love Tangerine
Summer Love Tangerine
Sunset Trippin Tangerine
Sunshine Crossover/Atlantic
Swanee River Rock Atlantic
Sweet Memories ABC
Sweet Sixteen Bars Atlantic
Sweet You Thing Like You Tangerine
Sweet Young Thing Like You ABC
Take 10 Tangerine
Take A Closer Look Tangerine
Take A Look At Life Tangerine
Take Me Home, Country Roads ABC
Take Off That Dress Tangerine
Take These Chains from My Heart ABC
Take These Chains from My Heart ABC
Take Time To Live Tangerine
Talkin’ Bout You Atlantic
Talkin’ Bout You Atlantic
Taurus The Bull Tangerine
Teardrops From My Eyes ABC
Tell All The World About You Atlantic
Tell Him No Tangerine
Tell Me Baby Why Tangerine
Tell Me Do You Feel Tangerine
Tell Me How Do You Feel Atlantic
Tell Me How Do You Feel Atlantic
Tell Me What You Want Me To Do Tangerine
Tell Me When You're Ready Tangerine
Tell Me Where Did Love Go Wrong Tangerine
Tell Me You’ll Wait For Me Atlantic
Tell Me, How Do You Feel Tangerine
Tell The Truth Tangerine
Texarkana Twist Tangerine
Thank You Tangerine
Thanks For Bringing Love Around Again Tangerine
That Lucky Old Sun ABC
That Old Feeling Tangerine
That Spirit of Christmas Tangerine
That Thing Tangerine
That Thing Called Love Tangerine
That's A Girl For You Tangerine
That's A Lie Tangerine
That's All It Took Tangerine
That's Enough Tangerine
That's How My Daddy Was Tangerine
That's Not My Soul To You Tangerine
That's Right Tangerine
That’s A Lie ABC
That’s All I Am To You ABC
That’s Enough Atlantic
The Biggest Boken Heart In Town Tangerine
The Brightest Smile In Town Tangerine
The Brightest Smile In Town ABC
The Cincinnati Kid ABC
The Cincinnati Kid ABC
The Crown Tangerine
The Danger Zone Tangerine
The Danger Zone ABC
The Ego Song (Sweet As Can Be) (All The Girls In Town) DownBeat
The Fastest Pain Reliever Tangerine
The Friendship Ride Tangerine
The Genie Tangerine
The Hood Tangerine
The Hub Cap Man Tangerine
The Love That’s Waiting Back Home Tangerine
The Meeting Tangerine
The Midnight Hour Atlantic
The Pages of My Min Columbia
The Pieces Didn't Fit Tangerine
The Same Thing That Can Make You Laugh, Can Make you Cry Tangerine
The Sandblaster Tangerine
The Snow Is Falling (Snowfall) SwingTime
The Source Tangerine
The Sun Died Tangerine
The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again Atlantic
The Talk Of The Town Tangerine
The Time Is Here Tangerine
The Tragedy Tangerine
The Train ABC
The Train Tangerine
The Twister Tangerine
The World's In A Bad Situation Tangerine
Them That Got ABC
Then I'll Be Home Tangerine
Then I’ll Be Over You Columbia
Then We’ll Be Home Crossover/Atlantic
There He Goes Tangerine
There'll Be No Peace Tangerine
There'll Come A Day Tangerine
There's Always Room Tangerine
There's Just Smoke In My Eyes Tangerine
There's The Door Tangerine
There’ll Be No Peace Without All Men As One ABC
They Call It Love Columbia
Things Done In The Darkness Tangerine
This Little Girl Of Mine Atlantic
This Thing Called The Two Of Us Tangerine
This Time I'm Here To Stay Tangerine
Till I Can’t Take it Anymore ABC
Tired Of My Tears ABC
Today Is The Day Tangerine
Together Again ABC
Toin Me Loose Tangerine
Too Hard To Love You Tangerine
TRAVELIN Tangerine
Trouble Tangerine
Trouble Maker Tangerine
True Love Tangerine
Try My Love Tangerine
Turn Around Baby Tangerine
Turn Your Lights Down Low Tangerine
Two Old Cats Like Us (with Hank Williams Jr.) Columbia
Two Sides To Every Story Tangerine
Two Women Tangerine
Unchain My Heart ABC
Undecided Tangerine
Understanding ABC
Until The Early Morning Tangerine
Up And Down Tangerine
Very Well Laid Plan Tangerine
Walk Down Home On the Farm Tangerine
Walk On By Me Tangerine
Watch It Baby Tangerine
Way Out Back Tangerine
We Are People, Too Tangerine
We Both Must Cry Tangerine
We Can Make It ABC
We Can Make It Tangerine
We Didn't Mean Too Tangerine
We Didn’t See A Thing (with George Jones & Chet Atkins) Columbia
We Don't Know Tangerine
We Don't See Eye To Eye Tangerine
We've Got To Get An Understanding Tangerine
We’ll Be Together Again (with Betty Carter) ABC
Wedding Day Tangerine
What Am I Living For ABC
What Am I Suppose To Do Tangerine
What Child Is This Tangerine
What If We Were Ever Separated Tangerine
What Is It Tangerine
What Is It That Makes Me Love You Tangerine
What Kind of Man Are You Atlantic
What We Gonna Do About the Children Tangerine
What Would I Do Without You Atlantic
What Ya Gonna Do Tangerine
What’d I Say (Part 1) Atlantic
What’d I Say (Part 2) Atlantic
When I Stop Dreaming ABC
When My Dream Boat Comes Home ABC
When Will I Here You Say Tangerine
When Will You Come To Rescue Me Tangerine
When Ya Coming Home Tangerine
When You Come My Way Tangerine
When You're In Love Tangerine
When You're Tired Of What You Got Tangerine
Where Did She Go Tangerine
Where Do I Go From Here Tangerine
Where Have You Been All Of My Life Tangerine
Whicked Woman Tangerine
While I'm Onn My Vacation Tangerine
Who Cares (with Janie Fricke) Columbia
Who Dat? Tangerine
Who You Gonna Love Tangerine
Wholottalov'in Tangerine
Why Tangerine
Why Did You Hae To Go Tangerine
Why Ya' Treat Me Wrong? Tangerine
Will I Ever Get Home Tangerine
Wind Song Tangerine
Wind Up Toys Tangerine
Winds Of Love Tangerine
Winter Scene Tangerine
Without A Song (Part 1) ABC
Without A Song (Part 2) ABC
Without Love (There Is Nothing) ABC
Without Your Love Tangerine
Woman Sensuous Woman Columbia
Worried Life Blues ABC
Wowv Tangerine
Yes Indeed Atlantic
Yesterday ABC
You 20th Century Fox Tangerine
You Ain't Taking Care Of Business Tangerine
You Are My Sunshine ABC
You Be My Baby Atlantic
You Broke My Heart Tangerine
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore Tangerine
You Can't See The Forrest Tangerine
You Don't Care Tangerine
You Don’t Know Me ABC
You Feel Good All Over Columbia
You Forgot Your Money Crossover/Atlantic
You Get Mo Bees With Honey Tangerine
You Happened To Me Tangerine
You Hear Me Knocking Tangerine
You Keep Me Hot Tangerine
You Musit Be Doing All Right Tangerine
You Never Did Coome Back To Me Tangerine
You Ought To Change Your Ways Tangerine
You Play, You Pay Tangerine
You Sweet Devil You Tangerine
You'd Better Stop Cheatin' Tangerine
You'll Never Hurt Me No More Tangerine
You're All That I Ever Wanted Tangerine
You're Gonna Need Me Tangerine
You're In For A Big Surprise Tangerine
You're Making It Too Hard To Love You Tangerine
You're My Baby Tangerine
You're The Man Tangerine
You're The Song I Sing Tangerine
You've Got To Do It Right Tangerine
You've Got To Love Everybody Tangerine
You’re Just About To Lose Your Clown ABC
Your Cheating Heart ABC
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine Tangerine
Your Love Is So Doggone Good Tangerine
Your Love Stays On My Mind Tangerine
Zig Zag Tangerine