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The Ultimate Ray Charles Collection box set.

The Ultimate Ray Charles Collection
A 6 disc box set featuring 90 of his greatest songs

True Genius

Includes never before released 1972 live concert & coffee table book featuring rare photos and extensive liner notes!

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The musical “sides” of Ray collection.

Sides of Ray

This double disc vinyl collection illustrates the many musical “sides” of Ray by focusing each album side on some of the broader genre categories he visited most: Soul, Jazz & Blues, Country, and Pop Classics.

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I never wanted to be famous.
I only wanted to be great.Signed by Ray Charles
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I was born with music inside me.
That's the only explanation I know.

- Ray Charles

I never wanted to be famous
I only wanted to be great.

- Ray Charles

Music is about the only thing that
people don’t kill each other over

- Ray Charles

Ray Charles® was a legendary musician often called the “Genius”, who pioneered the genre of soul music during the 1950s.

Charles combined blues, gospel, R&B, rock, country music and jazz to create groundbreaking hits such as “Unchain My Heart,” “I’ve Got A Woman” and “What I’d Say.” His impressive multi award winning 50-year career left an indelible mark on contemporary music all over the world.

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Ray Charles in a floral print suit with a bow tie, sunglasses, and a hand over his heart

The Legacy of Ray Charles

Looking Back At A Legend

Ray Charles Album Cover For Georgia on My Mind

Ray Charles’ recordings spanned every genre of music including Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Gospel and Country & Western.

We’re all familiar with such hits like “Georgia On My Mind.” “Hit The Road Jack” and “America The Beautiful.” But Ray’s catalog also includes a huge collection of other “classically Ray” recordings that may not be as well known such as “Come Live With Me,” “A Song For You” and many others.

Joe Adams

The Man Behind The Man

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