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In the 1940s

In 1948

Ray Charles signed with Swing Time Records.

Ray Charles’ first band, The McSon Trio, was the first musical act in Seattle’s history to have a sponsored television show as they did on KRSC-TV in Seattle.

Swing Time record

In 1949

Ray Charles recorded his first single, “Confession Blues” with The McSon Trio, and in 1950 Ray recorded “Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand.” Ray toured with guitarist Lowell Fulson before going solo.

Between the years 1949 (when Ray Charles first began his recording career) and 1963, he recorded 15 LPs and literally countless singles, spanning musical genres and charting new stylistic territories; his singles topped the charts in both the U.S. and abroad, selling millions of copies and laying the foundation for his legendary career, establishing him as one of the fathers of modern popular music.

Ray Charles at 16 years old performing with two other members of The McSon Trio
Ray Charles Swing Time Records headshot